About the Illustrator

The Illustrator - Clinton PoyClinton Poy has been drawing since he could hold a crayon. Growing up, he found inspiration in illustrators like P.D. Eastman, Virginia Lee Burton, Eric Carle, and especially his grandfather, Robert — a self-taught artist whose cards each Christmas featured beautiful hand-drawn sketches.

In his childhood drawings, Clinton created characters like Friend Alien and Super Possum, who saved the world from being sewn inside a giant baseball. His artwork has come a long way since then, but it continues to reflect his fascination with imagining new worlds and unique characters.

Clinton’s parents fostered his love of reading and stories from a very young age, and he has always enjoyed imagining visual interpretations of written tales. The Story of Zo is his first opportunity to see his work in print, and he looks forward to many more such projects.

Visit Clinton Poy’s website at http://poyillustration.wix.com/poy-illustration