About the Author

100_1414Sylvia Rosa-Casanova has been in love with stories for children since she was a child herself.  Sylvia’s mother, Esther, was a natural born storyteller and often wove original tales to entertain her daughter.  A picky eater as a youngster, the stories Sylvia loved best were the fairy tales her mother told over dinner to encourage her to eat. While some were standard fairy tales, others came from her mother’s creative imagination and were filled with strange creatures, sassy princesses, bold adventures and surprise endings.

The Story of Zo is a fairy tale with a twist. It was written in homage to Esther Melendez, storyteller extraordinaire and an inspiration to her daughter. Sylvia is certain her mother would have loved it.

This is Sylvia’s second book.  Her first book, Mama Provi and the Pot of Rice, was a Reading Rainbow selection and won a Marion Vannett Ridgway Honor Book Award.